【Taipei Soft Landing Bootcamp】
★ 活動資訊:
Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub is hosting a boot camp for overseas startups to soft-land in Taipei. The 7 days Boot Camp program is designed to help startups familiarize with Taipei’s entrepreneurial environment for government resources, fundraising, talent scouting, and more. Speakers and mentors from various VCs, incubators, corporates, and government officials will be invited to share insights on how to build a team in Taipei.

During the Demo Day, startups will be required to showcase their products and services to media, corporates, incubators and VCs to maximize exposure and earn resources.

★活動時間:2021-10-18(一) 09:00 ~ 2021-10-24(日) 18:00

★ 活動地點:t.Hub內科創新育成基地 (台北市內湖區瑞光路335號)


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