【Appium 101: An Introduction to Mobile Automation Testing】
★【Who we are】

We are a software solution provider with a wide range of products and solutions to help enterprises driving digital transformation succeed in a fast-changing environment. We are experts in the Fintech industry and gained a reputation as a trusted vendor for security measurements, quality of execution, and reliability. We are customer-oriented and adding our professional services, we provide one-stop ultimate enterprise solutions.

★【Date and time】
Thu, October 14, 2021  19:00 – 20:30 

★【Event Highlights】
Our lecturer Karl will cover the basic concepts of mobile automation testing and further explore the market trend and the features of Appium with hands-on practices, providing a comprehensive guide to automation testing with Appium.

★【About this event】
In this Webinar, we will first look at the differences between manual and automation testing and then delve into how mobile testing automation works with Appium.

From writing a basic Appium script to set up an Appium project with a test framework, a mock server, and CI/CD integration.

To conclude, we will summarize the benefits and limitations of Appium.