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Innovation starts with the discovery of needs that leads to transforming the present guided by belief in the Common Good.
A startup is a community of persons who work diligently together to accomplish a common goal.

Common Good
Greater Good
Logo Desing Concept:The Dandelion
Constant Innovation and Breakthroughs

Every startup spreads its seeds of creativity around the world, just like the dandelion, the inspiration for our logo. Twenty-four lines radiate from the center. They represent the 24 hours of a day. Sixty line segments represent 60 minutes of each hour, and 60 dots represent 60 seconds of each minute. A startup creates new ideas every day, every minute, every second.


“To connect creative resources of the present with those of the future, local originality with global innovation”

t.Hub dwells in the creative setting of Taipei City and takes the thriving Neihu Technology Park (NTP) as its starting point. t.Hub harnesses key partnerships with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) and NTP’s advanced technology clusters to create a vibrant innovative startup community. t.Hub’s transformative energy will lead the city to create smart cities through global cooperation.


Introducing Innovation Energy and Global Cooperation

t.Hub aims to blend the technological energy in Neihu with the guidance and research resources of ITRI to assist startups. Entrepreneurs can thus find a friendly and encouraging environment in the famed Taipei Technology Corridor. They could work with citizens to identify needs, share conveniences, and connect this innovative park with the world.


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Guidance Program

Creativity Implementation Phase

There are three stages in the development of startups: creativity implementation, enterprise strength upgrade, and business expansion. To successfully complete these stages, t.Hub provides them with ten types of services, among them: prototyping workshop, product development week, and product developer conference and workshop.

Enterprise Strength Upgrade

This stage includes business opportunity identification, business model customization, familiarization with regulations (e.g. company establishment, equity agreements, funding and merger, IPO), taxation (subsidies, taxes, equity structuring, offshore company set up), intellectual property and trademark regulations.

Business Expansion

This stage includes attending workshops on intellectual property and trademark regulations, global business development strategies, procurement negotiation strategies, global marketing, presentation techniques for additional funding, and cloud services application tools.

Founders Meetup

t.Hub utilizes the needs of large firms and benchmark enterprises in the NTP as guidelines in hosting Founders Market Meetup meant to help startups accelerate their entry into the market. Invitees include outlet managers of multinational enterprises, procurement managers, market managers of procurement management associations, and sales agents. Their experience helps startups in optimizing marketing strategies, product pricing, and organizing global outlets.

Global Outlet Expansion

t.Hub hosts various global exchange events, investment matchmaking conferences, global startup competitions and relocation training. It does this by harnessing the resources from ongoing national projects run by ITRI such as the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), Taiwan Innovation &Technology Arena (TITAN), and the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Taiwan Accelerator Plus (TAcc+). The events help startups find ways to cooperate with global incubators and reach global markets.


Space and Facilities

Planning, working together, and sharing in the perpetual world of startups

Taipei City Government promotes the “NTP 2.0” Project while t.Hub utilizes the resources in NTP, extends the Taipei Technology Corridor, and creates an open and vertical startup environment.

Coworking Space(3F Building B)

Breaking down the dividing walls of traditional offices and implementing new working concepts, t.Hub turns the coworking space into a dynamic work environment in the office and in the home. This connects diverse startup talents from different fields and inspires innovation.

Private Office (4-10F Building B)

Private Offices are designed to nurture new businesses, new products, and new technologies and help enterprises transform and upgrade. Business, capital, and management consulting services and various other resources help minimize startup costs and risks to increase success rates.

i-Stage (1-2F Building B)

Grand stairways and landings encourage the spontaneous interaction of entrepreneurs and build up their creative energies. This space unleashes new ideas and refashions existing ones.

Maker Space (2F Building B)

Imagination is the fountain of creativity while implementation makes innovations possible. The ability to put ideas to work is the key to strong competitiveness. Let our facilities and professional guidance help you put your ideas into action and cut down the time to see your dreams fulfilled.

Future Theater in Building B (2-3F 8m Ceiling)

Future Theater uses the concept of a theater to provide an ideal space for visual presentations and help new products and service concepts take form. Future Theater can also be used for exhibitions and events hosting.

Multipurpose Meeting Room (1-3F Building B)

This space allows startup personnel to carry out discussions on a variety of topics, at the same time creating opportunities for the startups and angel investors to interact.


Membership Application

Co-working Space
(3F Building B)

Co-working space provides entrepreneurs with a space in the middle of the city where they could indulge their passion to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.
This is a meeting place for like-minded people.
This is a venue to brainstorm and test your ideas.

Application Process

1. Apply online

We will notify you and confirm receipt of your online application.

2.Review and Approval

Upon receipt of our confirmation, please print, sign or chop on the application form and mail it by registered mail to: t.Hub, 2nd Floor, B Building, No. 333 Ruiguang Rd., Neihu District, Taipei City.

3.Fee payment

Please attach your payment voucher to apply for access and card settings for t.Hub.


Mail and Package Handling

Receive mail and delivery of packages

Printing and Fax

Color copies and fax (for a fee)

Storage Cabinets

Keep your files neat and orderly

Bar and Water Cooler

Basic kitchen appliances, coffee packs, and drinking water

Free High Speed Internet

Super high speed Internet with stable connection


Complete shower facilities

Phone Booth

Telephone service

Fitness Room

Keep yourself fit for a busy day

Meeting Rooms

For rent

Rooms and Pricing

On the third floor of Building no. 335, prices depend on floor area. We offer non-stop central air-conditioning, smart connectivity, and Lohas city services for food, clothing, housing, transportation, and entertainment. Individuals, groups, or enterprises may apply for just 4 spaces. First-time applicants may apply for a one-year space occupancy. Present occupants may apply for extension.

Hot Desk

$1,500 NT per week

Hot Desk

$4,000 NT per month

Fixed space

$5,500 NT per month

Personal work space

$8,500 NT per month

Storage Cabinet

$300 NT per month

※Subject to Change by the Administration

Private Offices
(4-10F Building B)

Private Offices from the 4th to the 10th floors of Building no. 335, t.Hub provides you with office spaces, and counsels small and medium-sized startups going through difficult periods. We accompany you on your way to realize your dreams. We offer advice on start-up funding, resources services, and ways to minimize expenses.

Who are qualified to apply:

(1) Startups; (2) Innovative Transformation; (3) Professional Services

(1) Startups Occupancy:

You may apply for space in t.Hub under the category of Startups.

Startups in the preparatory stage, or five-year old startups with paid-in capital of not more than NT$80 million with not more than 200 employees, with a core technology or an innovative management system.

(2) Innovative Transformation Occupancy:

You may apply for space in t.Hub under the category of Innovative Transformation:

Companies or legal entities that are not start-ups but whose core technology or commercial applications promote industrial innovation, technology research and development, talent cultivation or international connections can apply.

(3) Professional Services Occupancy:

You may apply for space in t.Hub under the category of Professional Services if you offer the following services to companies with space occupancy in t.Hub:

Professional services, legal entities or professional associations that provide services such as intellectual property rights, information, industry analysis and research, accounting and legal services, marketing, management consulting, and industrial safety consultancy.

Application Process

1.Online Application

We will notify you upon receipt of your online application.

2.Prepare documents for evaluation

Upon receipt of our confirmation, please print, sign or chop on the application form and mail it by registered mail to: t.Hub, 2nd Floor, B Building, No. 333 Ruiguang Rd., Neihu District, Taipei City

3.Evaluation Period

Before the 10th of every month, we will evaluate applications received and reply to applicants by post or email before the 10th of the next month. Applications will be approved, not approved, or require revisions. Applications revisions will have to go through the evaluation process again.

4.Contract Signing

Those approved for occupancy should sign the contract and pay a security deposit of two months’ rent.

5.Welcome to t.Hub

The contract should first be notarized before the applicant moves in to t.Hub.


Mail and Package Handling

Receive mail and deliver packages

Bar and Water Cooler

Basic kitchen appliances, coffee packs, and drinking water

Company Registration

Company registration service

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms for rent

Rooms and Prices

Rooms on the third floor of Building B are priced according to floor area (public floor space included). The smallest unit is 79.3392 m2. We provide non-stop central air-conditioning.

Average Rates

$1,060 NT per month per 3.3m2

Administrative Fees + Non-stop Central air conditioning

$170 NT per month per 3.3 m2

※The following are subject to change by the Management








t.Hub welcomes entrepreneurs from other countries to start new businesses in Taiwan. The Taiwan government and Taipei City Government offer subsidies, grants, investment financing, and help in applying for entrepreneur visas. Information for foreigners working in Taiwan is available in the following websites.

1.Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry

2.IEIT(International entrepreneur Initiative Taiwan)

3.Visa and Work Permit

4.EZ Work Taiwan



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